John Lammerts van Bueren also owns LVB Woodprocessing Consultancy BV, an internationally orientated consulting & engineering company, specialised in design and engineering of production line for wooden glue lam structures, sawmills and planers mills and so the opportunity to combine all in house skills was apparent. Once the idea came up to research the historical supply of Sitka Spruce and determine the very best locations to build a speciality mill for mast and spar material there appeared to be no way back. Forests and sawmills from Oregon to Alaska were visited and finally the ultimate site was found  in South Eastern Alaska. A joint venture was established and a large horizontal logbandsaw was purchased in Switzerland. Some 50 tons of machinery was shipped across the world to build the new speciality mill, capable of cutting lengths up to 13,5m (45ft) and logs in diameter up to 2 metre (84”) The limitation for the European market is clearly the container packing which means the maximum length is limited to 11,85m (39,5ft).
by in2itiv media