Sounding Board Stock

Piano soundboard stock and ribs
In Holland we manufacture the finest tight grain and quarter sawn soundboard stock. Ripping in pre-planed flitch allows us to carefully observe both grain structure and colour variations. As we tag the logs and sawn flitch in Alaska, we can supply individually numbered soundboard stock from a single log rather than the usual mix. This provides an even grain structure and colour throughout the sounding boards. The sounding board stock is supplied as planed S2S or fine sawn. The length ranges from 1,2 to 3,0m. Widths available from 60 to 200mm. Our standard thickness is 12mm. Ribs are supplied in 32x32mm sections, planed on all sides. We can however meet individual requests and specifications.

Guitar Tops

Our guitar tops in Sitka spruce are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Tight grain, quarter sawn in the typical AA, AAA and Master grades. We usually have a limited volume available of the much prized tops with bear claw.

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